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Announcing Driftpoint Media

September 28th, 2012 No comments

This year I made the commitment to incorporate and take the next step into becoming a business owner.  While I have been doing consulting and helping small businesses for years, it marked a step into formalizing statement that I was in fact  approachable for those who needed it.

This defined the formation of DriftPoint Media Inc.  A name for which I could operate under, and which opened the doors into resources that were not accessible while I operated as an independent contractor.  While I have been managing a handful of projects under this name, it is long overdue that I actually told the world about it.

Driftpoint media represents the reason I entered this industry, which was to empower others to be able to use technology to make their lives easier.  That starts with acting as a navigator and guide to those who are looking to bring their business online.

The easy part is, I am not alone.  I have been gathering partners and resources and connections over the years which make any project approachable.

This past weekend I put a webpage together to help put some words to the name.  I hope to use that resource to provide guidance and help and templates for anybody who doesn’t want to sit down officially.

For the Facebook world, I do have a Facebook Page.  It will be a fun place to help share the magic behind some of the projects as things move forward.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.