July 17th, 2009

I find it awkward to talk in the third person about myself. So while my team of editors work feverishly to write up my official biography, I thought it would be safer to explain who I am.

I have 3 main passions in my life which I have grown to love and embrace. These three passions really define my interaction with all the people I interact with.  Most days I move in and out of these three very separate lives, rarely mixing them together. At the center of them all however is my wife, who accepts me in whatever role I happen to be in.

the Technology
I do not outwardly portray your typical nerd. The year after we moved into our house, my neighbors still thought I was a mechanic, which I found amazingly gratifying. In reality however, I spent 12 years working as the IT Supervisor for Rotork Controls here in Rochester NY.  I oversee the operations of all Information Technologies activities and decisions throughout the offices of North and South America, for this international manufacturing company.

I took advantage of a fairly liberal operation at Rotork and implemented some very progressive technologies early on. Saying that I installed our VoIP based phone system in 1998, still impresses people. With expanding growth, and a company feeling some growing pains of globalization, today my role portrays more of a change agent. While I still get to play with the technology, I find myself working more to align the IT services delivered with actual business needs. It is actually amazing to be able to predict changes in the organization and to be able to react with solutions before a problem is perceived. I also play a mechanic when the need arises.

There was always that hint of technology growing up, but most of it derived from the need to know how things worked. I do not think there was anything I ever owned that I did not take apart, just to see how to put it back together. Dad brought home that first IBM ps1 computer that he was able to get from the Kodak purchase plan and that really marked my entrance into a role of computer nerdery. Hours were spent, moving through the DOS years evolving to windows 3.1,

I went through my first round of college at Alfred State for what amounted to a degree in CAD, based around mechanical engineering. Two years of working in CAD, and I officially decided it sucked. I realized it was playing with UNIX and the computers which really kept my interest.

I changed my sights on returning to school in pursuit of a degree in Information Technologies, and came back to RIT to get that degree. In 1997, I returned to Rochester after obtaining a job with Rotork Controls as a CAD drafter, which lasted a year until I was branded “computer guy”. I enrolled at RIT for Information Technologies, where I doubled the courses in networking to make up my concentration classes. My mind was a sponge at the time, which occasionally leaks out these days. I will probably return to school someday, as I truly loved my education at RIT.

the Cars
My neighbor was not completely off base, after all I did grow up the son of a mechanic. While dad worked hard to keep me from “wrenching” for a living, it is in the garage where I find the most peace in my day.

I do not know about all cars, which throws people off the “car nut” route. I know about the ones I have taken apart and I would fail most automotive trivial pursuit questions if pressed.

The first time I drove my friends Eagle Talon with a turbo in it, I knew that I found the platform to build upon. I fell in love with the DSM line of vehicles, and bought a 1996 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS-T, as a start of automotive education. The knowledge coming out of the DSM community was so plentiful, that I quickly became involved with the early online communities.

When I came back to Rochester to return to school, I started a webpage for local area DSM (diamond star motors) enthusiasts, which is still a very active group today in the Rochester area.

The first Galant VR4 I found was by accident. I was driving through my hometown of East Rochester, and passed by one outside of a shop. I pulled in to find 1168/2000 and it’s owner getting an estimate to repair some deer collision damage on the car. I offered to buy the car, without repair and that my first VR4. I quickly fell in love with aspects of that car, which I never considered important. I do not think I would ever survive anything but an AWD, Turbocharged 4 Door from that day on.

The story of 187/1000 is a long one, which will need it’s own write up to do it justice. There was also 199/1000, my sister owns 223/1000 which we trailered from Michigan, and I owned a green one for a Galant VR4 before selling it off.

Stephen’s Mistubishi History Part 1

Stephen’s Mitsubishi History Part 2

the Water

We were very lucky to have a boat in the family growing up, because it gave me an appreciation for the water resources around upstate NY that most people drive by every day.  While I still have the original family boat that I learned to ski on, I spend most of my time skiing with friends on Irondequoit Bay and a private ski pond here in Penfield.  While my skiing has a lot to improve upon, I enjoy every painful minute of it.

While I have the most amazing house I could have ever dreamed for, I think that retirement someday has to be along a lake.

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