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Barbells for Boobs 2013

September 17th, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Alright here it is.  I am participating in the Barbells for Boobs campaign.  Besides giving me the freedom to say “boobs” as many times as possible within the next month, the charity is for a really great cause and I could use some help raising some money to help benefit early breast cancer detection. 

Barbells for Boobs is a non-profit organization that provides funding to pay for breast cancer detection services as a last resort for thousands of people who don’t qualify for assistance elsewhere.

I don’t post much about exercising and Crossfit.  While I enjoy Crossfit far more than a traditional gym experience, I need to clarify that I am not addicted to Crossfit.  Why do I explain this to you?  For some reason I feel it is better to tell you it is outside of my enjoyment zone to do the workouts, as if it helps quantify how important this cause is.   Granted there are not a lot of fund raising efforts which involve extreme couch sitting, but there are some people who truly love Crossfit.  It is like asking to raise money in a chocolate eating contest for them.

Just to ensure I am outside of the comfort zone on this one, there is a lot of pink involved.  There are rumors of all sorts of ridiculous things I will be going through, in pink, which may be worth the price of the donation alone for some of you.   I do reserve the right to grow a lot of facial hair to combat the pink.

What will I do for this donation?

November 3rd, the Pink Bra Tour is rolling into town and setting up camp at our Crossfit gym, Flower City Crossfit.  We get to join in the fund raising by doing a pretty damn painful workout.  If there aren’t enough cameras already, I am putting a camera crew on location to capture my pain and suffering during the WOD.  I am recruiting a team to help with the WOD, because frankly, I need to be able to finish it and there is a team option.

So you get pictures, maybe video of our team surviving this WOD and whatever ridiculous thing they have us doing in pink.  More importantly,  you get the satisfaction that you have helped somebody who couldn’t have afforded it, get an early screening for breast cancer.

Click the IMAGE to go to my donation page to help out.
Click for Donation Page

What other nutjobs are doing this?

Alright, here is the disclaimer.  Flower City Crossfit did so well last year at raising money for this cause, that they are one of the 8 stops on the Pink Bra tour this year.