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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-10-07

October 7th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments
  • Brock Yates announcing the official 2013 route for One Lap of America. Running Daytona is worth the trip alone. http://t.co/ec6aeFWi #
  • Cool glimpse of the debates through Google and how people leveraged searches. That I understand. http://t.co/ng1lJB2N #
  • 5 day weekend starts now. Try and keep up. #
  • My earlier proclamation of starting the weekend was muddied with the fact I still had an hour of work to cleanup. Now I am leaving. #
  • Kid at the car wash asked to buy the WRX. Why do I get weekly requests without offering? http://t.co/IQvjkXbM #
  • Gifted a replacement under tray. Like the one destroyed at the Colorado track, but in one piece. http://t.co/hGw21Yf5 #
  • Morning run to NYC. http://t.co/MtdkQmSi #
  • Grabbing a quick lunch after a long drive listening to broadway talent. http://t.co/32NC6cye #
  • On the Intrepid air craft carrier for the commissioning reception. http://t.co/uWh7K9nF #
  • NY bums really need to find a way to accept PayPal. #
  • Center row for the commissioning of the latest Navy Destroyer. http://t.co/WRW6L3Oc #
  • Fancy dessert is a cheesecake pyramid. http://t.co/5kAar8PO #
  • Priceless moments at the Book of Mormon. http://t.co/U5CgYSuj #
  • Back from NYC. Clearing my brain to repack for Watkins Glen. #

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