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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-16

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  • Wait more than 24 hours to reply and The Amazon Marketplace tolerance system reminds me of the Verbal Morality Statute in Demolition Man. #
  • Another project being staged in parallel to the 8 other projects. http://t.co/vQUNVPL7 #
  • Part 2 of the One Lap Story video is out. http://t.co/sIt4B7rc #
  • Reminder of why I left helpdesk support in a multi-hardware dependent world. http://t.co/6K6r1KKC #
  • Turning off my lights in the office to alleviate migraine pain, only leads to everyone making the same dumb joke about being in the dark. #
  • Replacement GoPro acquired. Awesomeness pending. http://t.co/GlE2iV6r #
  • Recommended for headaches…Plenty of water. http://t.co/2TLMFEk2 #
  • I need Harry Blanchard to setup the lights in the bedroom to simulate sunrise that doesn't seem to happen early enough any more. #
  • Hard drive really doesn't want to come out of its coma. Even some love from @SGgrc tells me it's time to let go. http://t.co/luX0NTo0 #
  • We blocked off the parking lot all day so they could start sealing after work hours. http://t.co/sHAkSdRg #
  • Own a BMW. Be lectured by the Kia owner on how un-impressive your car is because it only has refinements. That is my iPhone analogy. #
  • Huge BBQ at the house for the car club this Saturday. If you didn't get the invite and want to come, drop me a note. #
  • Thanks for bringing the board to the mountain Tom Sims. RIP
    http://t.co/IDQfqS6Z #
  • Health screening at work this morning. Still in awe that I was able to drop cholesterol that much in one year. #
  • Barn is cleaned and ready for guests. http://t.co/Z395aA6e #
  • Got an apology letter from GoDaddy. It's ok, just sponsor my race team and I will forgive you. http://t.co/HxzqtV3w #

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