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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-09-02

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  • Nice when an app uses Google Authenticator instead of inventing their own two-step authentication. DropBox setup. https://t.co/YkeLg1cI #
  • If the extended warrantee scam only had a clue what car they are offering coverage on. http://t.co/ImPX66wv #
  • I would be way to powerful if I slowed down enough to learn how to really use Amazon Web Services. #
  • Is there a chance that they could have one test on computer literacy before people get hired for a job that is 90% computer work? #
  • Hurts to rely on the dealer to calibrate this car. I need a Mitsubishi MUT-III tool. #
  • Active Yaw Control is back online. The list is getting shorter. #
  • Large milestone complete. Made the morning commute to work. http://t.co/2b3fd3bf #
  • As if fixing it all in reverse order of which it broke, replacing the AC fan in the car. http://t.co/aBovqxbe #
  • Boxes of parts back in the car. Cleaning up the boxes. http://t.co/MNwZECXm #
  • Windshield has streaks that windex doesn't touch. Seeking recommendations on glass polishing. #
  • Was gifted a coffee this morning. Almost got misty over it. #
  • Looking forward on not using the car for the morning commute. Love the drive, but Wayne County is ready based on the questions I get. #
  • Still mandatory reading for those of you who use the same accounts everywhere. http://t.co/eca3Ch6R #
  • In summary, don't waterski with a GoPro until I invent a mount and sell it to the water-skiers. http://t.co/FMJxrFba #
  • Answering the call to arms. Battle for the ring of fire at the lake this weekend. http://t.co/E3N27waw #
  • Going to use roomba technology and make a garbage can that remembers to walk itself to the curb. #
  • Found out why the clocks were flashing on Harris Rd. Electrical pole snapped. http://t.co/bosNc5n7 #
  • Internet is down. They better fix that damn pole. What good is electricity without Internet access? #
  • Beginning bonfire assembly. http://t.co/Vy0x7zcn #
  • Progress went well. 24 hours to go for final fortifications to go in place. http://t.co/nJNe08P0 #
  • Sacrificial rabbit in place. A historical offering from the Burke family. http://t.co/euPrBf8c #
  • Time to let go of Mitch's replica Pantera stage from grade school. http://t.co/cCJXCnfn #

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