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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-20

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  • Studs http://t.co/Ndw4LT0B #
  • Mitsubishi's revised timing chain for the Evo X. http://t.co/VXf9cJKp #
  • Can we offer an award to the guy who walked across the JFK airport in a wetsuit after his jetski broke? #
  • The cheap tools seem to weed themselves out of my toolbox naturally. http://t.co/xb80IfR4 #
  • My late night wrenching skills don't last very long any more. Closer, but still not running. http://t.co/zOdcJt5u #
  • Camera crew on hand, here is the video recap of our run at Hallett this year. http://t.co/i3RdlvAM #
  • License plate readers built into everything. Time for the James Bond rotating plate. http://t.co/ZuDnLGcR #
  • The curse of the neglected engine hoist that no longer goes high enough. http://t.co/xCUioSqb #
  • Just poured a bottle of juice all over the place trying to keep my eyes open and stay awake. Missed my mid-day reboot. That is Narcolepsy. #
  • Should have read that before ordering the replacement iMac hard drive. http://t.co/ffq8KJBF #
  • Invoking the spirit of the power nap before the late night push begins. #
  • Hard to sell the Mitsubishi dealer tools when I keep using them. http://t.co/c8ZviquF #
  • Studies show that cars with engines run better than those without. http://t.co/M9ciZlZF #
  • Staring at a set of hoses that only go together one way and I can't figure it out. Time to pause until daybreak. http://t.co/QmN6poAb #
  • At least I can hold the record for fastest gear oil change. http://t.co/sJrt3gml #
  • Could have afforded another day but we have an official revival time of 16:21. Packing for Ohio! http://t.co/rqH46ykP #
  • Afraid my comfort of driving the car vanished 8 hours ago. She gets the trailer ride transit. http://t.co/bfWo284Q #
  • Might need to wash the car in the morning. Still showing the original fallout. http://t.co/4TZYoadj #
  • Wonderfully long day with perfect weather watching fast cars yesterday. Doing it @ Summit Motorsports Park http://t.co/w4nMsumN #

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