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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-08-12

August 12th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments
  • A visiting iMac in for repair giving me a little screen size envy. http://t.co/pu9jywtK #
  • If you were questioning that Facebook's model wasn't based off of addictions, you can now gamble with real money. http://t.co/VhR0BwU2 #
  • Olympics needs an app that turns every device into an available camera. Watch an event with a million selectable views online. #
  • Best retort I have seen from Samsung on copying allegations by Apple.
    Thanks @teamcoco #
  • Still waiting for parts to put an engine together. I hate waiting. #
  • Some surgery for the iMac. http://t.co/TijSd75j #
  • The 11 day coffee draught is over. http://t.co/oB3YH5QQ #
  • 11 Day coffee drought is over. http://t.co/E17cZlI9 #
  • Parts, yet 2 tappets short of a full head. http://t.co/j6V47Qd5 #
  • Going to need a Mitsubishi to borrow for next weekend. DSM/Evo Shootout without a DSM or Evo to get me there. Parts not in. #
  • Better idea. Somebody should let me borrow a Nissan GTR to drive to the Mitsubishi event. #
  • Spent some quality time with a Nikon D800 today. That didn't help my camera purchasing abstinence. #
  • Setting reminders to watch the meteor showers tonight. #
  • A small little filter with a powerful role to protect the mivec. http://t.co/PG8WT28g #
  • Went over some of the good and bad design ideas Nautique had in the new model line today. http://t.co/1344z6Y0 #

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