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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-29

  • Now I really have to get the car running. Magnus is going to the shootout this year. http://t.co/kU9VEugX #
  • YouTube trying to bring real names in their comment system. Not sure I am ready. http://t.co/AcdlALPb #
  • Subscription renewal was failing to deliver so Barnes and Noble was raided. http://t.co/bcCHFRn5 #
  • I have decided that I should write for Grassroots Motorsports. Somebody just has to let them know. #
  • Put down some flooring while I strategize a lumber run for the final joists. http://t.co/UJfjTWzD #
  • Really not enticed by the amount of sharing on mountain lion, which seems to have been Apple's focus. Still debating the update. #
  • Learning from @tevenor to influence my friends to buy the things I can not afford yet. #
  • Morning conference with Apple Business division. http://t.co/yo3eJIaf #
  • Awkwardly timed yet affectionately appreciated reminder of one lap. http://t.co/XgSU5PfX #
  • Considering moving to Kansas City, just to get the free internet from Google, now that they unveiled the plans. http://t.co/yFAIhW7T #
  • Also had a weird flashback from High School's play of Oklahoma thanks to Google Fiber. Everything is up to date in Kansas City… #
  • Before the next Olympics I need alliances in multiple countries, establish a dark network between us and stream ALL the coverage among us. #
  • This years opening ceremonies is like watching a slow parade of unentertaining floats. Can we watch the Beijing ceremony again? #
  • Seriously the commercials are amazing during the opening ceremonies. #
  • Silver paint on the head triggered an OCD attack with buffing wheels to set thing straight. http://t.co/vdPtdyTY #

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