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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-15

  • The pink water finish to a perfect day. http://t.co/CSQUhv34 #
  • I wouldn't mind making gymkhana videos for a living. Gymkhana 5 is out.
    http://t.co/kvCNqWe0 #
  • Make an app that won't require me to drive 4 hours away from my vacation just to sign 20 minutes of paperwork to refinance a mortgage. #
  • If a restaurant offered buttered egg noodles. It would be hard not to order. Sauce ruins the appeal. http://t.co/fEANw4YX #
  • Returned from it's vacation at the Forced Performance turbo spa. http://t.co/LNfrhN8U #
  • Setting up the command center in the basement, since the AC finally died. #
  • Just because the cloud exists doesn't mean it is right to use it for everything. #
  • Tool identification needed. What are these for? http://t.co/0ugJxao4 #
  • In case you were looking for a screw driver. http://t.co/dJ2xePCL #
  • Sounds like Comicon would have been worth the trip just for the Ironman 3 footage and interactions. #

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