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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-07-01

  • Spending the day as media guy at the charity golf tournament. http://t.co/VTzF1tFy #
  • It was a long day trying to make bad golfers look good. Great event. http://t.co/Rz1dxSEW #
  • In case you thought that golfing was too far detached from auto racing. http://t.co/IKhzyIjN #
  • Watkins Glen needs a stronger media presence in Rochester. Outside of my obvious rings, few know of the race schedule this weekend. #
  • Hustling the charity golf pictures through processing before my week ends. http://t.co/gnVfixv9 #
  • BMW club is looking for help with the Street Survival school. It is tomorrow at MCC if there are eligible instructors. I can't make it. #
  • Colorado forest fires postponed the pikes peak run. Not cool. http://t.co/7WnDqZ7F #
  • Today's episode is brought to you by the number 37. #
  • Rethinking my amazon hosting location strategy away from Virginia. At least I am in frustrated company with Netflix & Instagram. #
  • Replacement engine acquired. http://t.co/nyIdDHG5 #
  • I trump your lame meal photos. http://t.co/QWjnDJFb #
  • Going to be satisfied with catching some fireworks above the tree line from the back yard this year. #
  • Hard core Watkins glen fan tattoo. http://t.co/qk13wYnw @scottpruett01 #
  • Waiting for a line of cars to pay a toll because this car still has no EZ Pass. http://t.co/SDJfeyrh #
  • Paddocks larger than my entire workshop. http://t.co/TsnOFx7c #
  • I swear I was nowhere near this car fire. http://t.co/lvxCCJQt #
  • Really need press credentials next time. http://t.co/AS7K27z7 #

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