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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-25

  • Nice Volvo. I could use one produced before May 2013. 508-Horsepower S60 Polestar Performance Concept http://t.co/CEvRwueM #
  • Engine teardowns at sunset. http://t.co/C208I87h #
  • Microsoft tablet release, meh. Thin cover that is a keyboard, cool. #
  • Missing the second PCA event of the season at Watkins Glen today and tomorrow. Un-cool. #
  • Thought the renewal happened with the NASA membership. Guess I better renew. http://t.co/quF3CuMR #
  • Front of the house must resemble a large salad bar. http://t.co/JlkU4VvZ #
  • Now THAT is one hell of a vacation fund for being harassed on a bus.
    http://t.co/7rls8bKN #
  • Cleared the 6 month LASIK eyeball inspection. 10 minutes early and done before the appointment time. Never see that in Rochester medical. #
  • Pay it forward deed of the day done. Towed some stranded boaters half the length of Honeoye Lake. #
  • Reading Rainbow on the iPad. I hope it kept the theme song in order to infect the next generation readers. http://t.co/AvRoADEa #
  • Garbage delivery to the curb while keeping dry, solved. http://t.co/GYgjuQWV #
  • Can't I work media for some team at the Sahlen six hours at the Glen? I am much more comfortable in the paddock than general admission. #
  • Skeptical until proven otherwise. That is my approach on waterski handles. http://t.co/3pI8QfF0 #
  • Bothers me enough to take a dirty car on a road trip that I wash at night. http://t.co/NTzpswho #
  • Crew on the road by 5am for a day of perfect water. #
  • Always get fuel at the Beaver. http://t.co/4QeNPxHi #
  • 3 hour drive to spend all day on perfect water. http://t.co/JavE0DFQ #
  • Slalom course balls on the ready. http://t.co/Fb5APFmh #

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