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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-10

  • I forgive Amazon for pulling back my Wi-Fi bacpac kit, since it is only $99 and just launched for real. http://t.co/xNb3100k #
  • Cisco Linksys needs to focus on a new router designed for DD-WRT performance. I still buy the 2005 version to build solid networks. #
  • No more videos of my confused face in the camera to see if the GoPro is on. http://t.co/QuS0Osxo #
  • Crossfit Burke where rock jumps are much cooler than box jumps http://t.co/ohv5qN1f #
  • Not sure how I managed to do this last time without a lift. http://t.co/D8v9tSRL #
  • Interesting move by Netflix to build a content delivery network. Not sure the ISPs who also deliver content agree. http://t.co/PoHBdF3W #
  • Strategic placement that a NAPA opens on the building adjacent to where I work.? http://t.co/i8KW98XC #
  • I have 2 days left to renew a prescription and the online refill for Wegmans is flagging it for too soon. Perfect. #
  • I love how everybody tells me that Linkedin was hacked, as if I didn't know and change my password yesterday when it happened. #
  • The tool to check if your Linkedin password was compromised. http://t.co/kcKNiWos
    Just change your password either way. #
  • New rear binding on the stick. http://t.co/wnkfcLwP #
  • Will I ever stop finding Galant VR-4 parts in this house? Found a set of clear corner lenses in the basement http://t.co/mNrFSSF0 #
  • Rainy ski mornings suck. You start self negotiating if you can wait in the rain for a break between clouds. #
  • Last of the Fire shirts being deployed. http://t.co/kreHp8Sh #
  • Piston melting Déjà vu http://t.co/fik1RZd3 #

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