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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-06-03

  • Mark the date. Wife's Toyota is cleaned and waxed. http://t.co/DEFyNM8o #
  • Missing my first Watkins Glen event of the season. That sucks more than blowing an engine at Road America. #
  • Still don't understand how my wife can drive for hours without turning the radio on. #
  • Driving to the 1000 Islands, which is not Watkins Glen where everybody with running cars went. http://t.co/aB9RD8P5 #
  • TI Park at the Guzzle http://t.co/Z8bue292 #
  • A stronger 4 cylinder design concept http://t.co/s6a74pIZ #
  • I don't know if a year is enough time to allow me to survive it, but next year I need to be doing the memorial day murph WOD. #
  • GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac just opened up on Amazon. Better not be a fluke this time. http://t.co/LezVjBy3 #
  • Entire office is saving work as the power fluctuates with the storm. Wonderful. #
  • Last night repairs to keep another VR-4 on life support. http://t.co/5oGoLrAy #
  • I need a whole separate archive system to dump Facebook posts and screenshots that I know people are going to remove. Hmmm #
  • I am thinking a Mercedes for the SUV class next year. After I remove the speed limiter. http://t.co/xeXn0Wq6 #
  • Calculating whether a bonsai run to Wellsboro PA would get me there in time for the STPR Special Stage after work Friday. #
  • Waiting for Bloomberg to be mauled by a polar bear for trying to take Coke away. http://t.co/koWb8MDI #
  • I didn't realize we were so watched in Rochester. Number 5 is pretty conspiracy theory worthy. http://t.co/EFuXMI1y #
  • I think they are on to me. I ALMOST had the first wifi bacpak from gopro. Shipper yanked the package back and is now gone from Amazon. #
  • That's how close I was to the GoPro Wi-Fi BacPac and Remote kit. At least we know what pricing is. http://t.co/JijyecHx #
  • 3rd class in the Rolex 24 sounds like manufacturers flexing their need to capture a non race, but eco aware audience.
    http://t.co/DHOxYvK6 #
  • Has FTP really become a lost skill? I don't want you to mail me a USB stick if it doesn't fit on Dropbox. #
  • The car trailer has been updated. The hunt for a truck to pull it begins. http://t.co/0nNNpHBV #
  • Nothing like a ride through the field to remind me that I have allergies and I should not be riding through the field. Deploying Zyrtec #
  • They need to go back and remake the full Hulk movie with Mark Ruffalo instead of Ed Norton. #
  • Cylinder 1, oh how I curse thee. http://t.co/PcRmvw1A #

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