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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-05-13

  • Good morning from Hallett http://t.co/9uVctUdO #
  • Tim's placement bumped us to tied for 2nd in class. Still wants to hustle the time. #
  • Track is shut down. Car blew coolant in front of Tim. Have some tire wall rub on the Evo X but nothing but scuffs. #
  • Tim took a rerun. Very slick in turn 9 even after the clean up. #
  • We jumped to 2nd in class and 23rd overall with a slick track, post spin run. #
  • We may have killed the fan motor for the heater in our procrastination to clear the AC drain line. #
  • I hate the Facebook mobile app with a passion. #
  • Tomorrow's mandatory project: Hardware the inverter. Mobile updates rot and I need laptop power. #
  • I felt a disturbance in the force. We passed a Starbucks in the middle of nowhere and didn't stop. I need to work on our road trip rules. #
  • No defroster fan shouldn't impact our driving too much. http://t.co/EgzZSHee #
  • It is challenging not to be consumed by the scenery at High Plains Raceway. http://t.co/fY1KKNsm #
  • Just passed the trailer of the Porsche team on us-34 mile marker 167. Looks like they ran for wheel repairs. #
  • This road is laced with potential waterski ponds. http://t.co/xc11Cvvr #
  • More cowbell Nebraska http://t.co/e5q3nHYM #
  • Parking next to our dancing partner. http://t.co/IiwZJob8 #
  • We are alone in the Evo category. Our friends are headed home. http://t.co/XIqVu08G #
  • We have finished the most useless autocross ever and are headed to minnesota. #
  • Not sure how one mechanically separates chicken, but that is the second ingredient. http://t.co/JM5IDYRf #
  • Long night ahead. http://t.co/xvppVYp8 #
  • Road mates help make the trip possible. http://t.co/QYKim9ME #
  • Longest track walk ever. We will run out of gearing here. Turn 1 at 140mph. #
  • The cheap wheels are cracking. Need a wheel source, stat. #
  • We have wheels in route to Road America and will be mounted before we run in the AM. Tire Rack made magic happen. #
  • First run 12.9 in the drags. Sticky bogged. Now we run brackets. Dialing 13.0. #
  • Too fast. Ran a 12.5 though I didn't think I was. #
  • Going to be a long night stopping to keep air in these leaking wheels. http://t.co/FTelQQDV #
  • Amazing how many one lappers have time to stop at the strip club. http://t.co/UPRKNYf3 #
  • Car doesn't feel so dirty now. http://t.co/EjiuLLz7 #
  • Early morning wheel change. http://t.co/gMcUrWhm #
  • 1 day to go and it let's go at Road America http://t.co/D1vzbA7O #
  • Added to the list of vehicles I can never take on One Lap is a 2012 Jeep Liberty. It will be lucky to survive my company for one more day. #
  • Rental cars must only come with one outlet so you don't overload the circuit. Smart. http://t.co/56WLMkmq #
  • Video of the engine loss from track side.
    http://t.co/FlNTOzeO #
  • The best part of this ridiculously impractical event is the lifelong friends I make from the most unlikely sources. #
  • Seeing this through to the end. http://t.co/E7CA4QVR #
  • Met the head of Enkei to thank him for saving us with wheels. Very cool. #
  • Final interviews in the media studio. http://t.co/fV7ymCUQ #
  • Still get a cookie plate for second. http://t.co/qv17jhSp #
  • Closing the adventure. Homeward bound. http://t.co/v4Ev6YiK #
  • That wasn't rain. http://t.co/9MF0SWRB #
  • There was one other un-numbered One Lap team this year capturing the moment. Excited to bring them along for the ride.
    http://t.co/29i7si6U #

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