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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-15

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  • Somebody needs to bring an XP2 from @XproHeli on One Lap of America this year, so we can get some aerial fly overs of the racing. #
  • Google should have beat Facebook to the Instagram purchase. Slackers. #
  • The AT&T network has gone to absolute garbage out here. Somebody reboot the tower. #
  • Technician here to repair the safe. Very technical approach of jiggling the handle repeatedly. Fixes leaky toilets too. #
  • If a bracket doesn't exist, weld one. http://t.co/UxhBl4ho #
  • My wife exclaimed how she would enjoy cleaning off the counter while I am at work. Wanted to make it fulfill http://t.co/j6HYG7fD #
  • Last nights project..Hood heat shielding has been upgraded. http://t.co/FYB3DmlN #
  • Forced Performance helping the Red Cross in TX and sending out care packages. http://t.co/4Djbqym5 #
  • 17 Days until One Lap of America. Our strategy is to be in a schedule of sleep deprivation before we go which will create an immunity. #
  • Forgot how vintage dad's toolbox was. http://t.co/5YcXul2F #
  • Not sure if I should save this for a good 80s halloween costume. http://t.co/008A9DYr #
  • Drill twice, measure once. It happens. http://t.co/Uer3kzjK #
  • The calm before the storm. 16 Days until One Lap. http://t.co/9PciZWV9 #
  • I reset the correct countdown clock. We have 19 days until One Lap. Whew. Time to call in the hail mary. http://t.co/iXKhoSti #
  • Hubcap from a 57 Dodge Lancer. Good to know we have that. http://t.co/rjwf6IYW #
  • If we get any more tornados in our route path, we might need to turn this race into storm chasers and disaster relief. #1Lap #
  • Red pill Blue pill http://t.co/G11NPf3E #
  • I hate group texting. Should be BCC as the originator. #

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