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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-04-02

  • I feel like Top Gear… "Our producers have prepared this alternative car in case we don't make it." http://t.co/XjWoALcT #
  • I already know what tire to choose. It is still good to see why in the Tire Rack catalog. http://t.co/T3bTsyCt #
  • Orange options for the new Sparco wheels eh? Might need details from @tire_rack like weight & offset. http://t.co/acqMBgsw #
  • Spring or not, I am prepping the mower http://t.co/d6aTJHcm #
  • My JetBlue flights, I get stuck with a TV that doesn't work. Others get to tackle the captain. http://t.co/XxpU4y5J #
  • This weekends project arrived. Fire suppression from @SummitRacing http://t.co/mTX4M0WB #
  • Cleaning up some of the cheap vinyl work with some equally cheap vinyl. http://t.co/r8e5lZ1Q #
  • Using a little something about Mary logic, I am going to invent 6 hour Energy. Minds will be blown. http://t.co/1k4WmKh0 #
  • The only thing I can guarantee is that I don't have the loosing lottery ticket. #
  • If anybody casts a show that does what Gordon Ramsey does, but for business and IT, I want to host. #
  • Who has a tubing straightener I can borrow in the area? #ROC http://t.co/7mIlExdZ #
  • Is there a devision of Google that their only objective is to come up with this stuff once a year? 8 Bit Maps http://t.co/olOyDtYs #
  • Only way I can pull of orange shoes is standing next to an orange race car. http://t.co/1ivlSjdQ #
  • I almost missed the Google Racing post with the saturation of BS today online. http://t.co/xXDfsxLb #
  • I have to remember that old servers do not gain value with age and to stop hoarding for a rainy day. http://t.co/wovavEiv #

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