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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-03-11

March 11th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments
  • First attempt at running conduit worked well. http://t.co/nR6HD4PW #
  • Watching the Engadget live steam for Apple announcement. My brain keeps wandering off to wishing I could program websites that slick. #
  • Pulling wires with a snake that is too short for the long run. Figures. http://t.co/bj8GMYUy #
  • Seems I have bumped to 4G with an iPhone 5.1 update. http://t.co/aY8olRRL #
  • Magnus might get the brilliantly descriptive yet inappropriate license plate of the year award. Posted on FB. http://t.co/vcpueuN5 #
  • I should really start a trendy shoe company to advance my racing career. #
  • Ok I get it. I will use instagram. http://t.co/iNkMmItf #
  • Always use the winter car as the crash test dummy first. http://t.co/t0Xa22rB #
  • Depressed to see how many Fortress of Solitudes existed on Foursquare in this area. Might have to go with the Hall of Justice. #
  • Favorite of the warning stickers. In case you didn't know what to do if a car is falling on you. http://t.co/pKErTmP3 #
  • NASA needs Angry Birds, not the other way around. I wonder how many kids want develop video games vs being astronauts. http://t.co/Opm7pVRS #
  • Pacing amongst the piles of crap in this barn not being productive. I need a storage system intervention. #
  • How did this car not get any lighter to push without a motor in it? http://t.co/C1N40CR8 #

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