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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-19

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  • New pistons for the 4B11 motor, now available from Magnus and coming to a One Lap of America race team near you. :) http://t.co/XLX3VQ5W #
  • Had to confirm with my wife that we are exchanging cards and gifts for valentines day AFTER work. Of course I have a card already. #
  • Whomever thought it was alright to twist vampires into love stories, Abe is coming for you. http://t.co/g3etxZ59 #
  • Last day wearing glasses. LASIK tomorrow. I still can't answer what took me so long. #
  • Limited Edition Fire Recover Team shirts for our friends at Magnus. http://t.co/nvc9bN1M #
  • I was worried there weren't enough reasons to get pulled over by 3 different police agencies on the Irondequoit Bay.
    http://t.co/qJP7ckpf #
  • Concept cars always end up turning into crap by production. Actually hope the Kia Track'ster makes it through. http://t.co/sbUUq8iC #
  • No texting or computers after LASIK…After this one, honest. http://t.co/7sHCQOqQ #
  • Eye charts in use by apple. Brilliant. http://t.co/d202DHpO #
  • Clicked the trial for Hulu Plus. Here's a concept, how about if I pay, you drop the saturation of ads? #
  • Watching our friends on EvoXForums put the car design back into Forza 4. http://t.co/992dHZRz #
  • Looks like a good morning to go for a drive. http://t.co/vQghNJ1J #

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