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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-29

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  • BTW, after one lap 2011 Tim made an entire suspension company, devoted to making survivable race worthy parts. http://t.co/oSl9azGw #
  • Just to make it fair to the other guys, we melted a piston in the Evo X. Should allow them to keep up. http://t.co/TSa8cJAn #
  • NY trying to push training seminars through video conference and wondering why it fails. Leadership is 8 years behind technology. Sad #
  • Could UPS at least pretend to care? http://t.co/Vd5GtGqW #
  • Membership renewal for NASA complete. http://t.co/JMXKJjan #
  • Caught up with yesterdays the state of the union during lunch. Made more than lunch hard to swallow. #
  • Have to read this job posting on the Magnus Facebook page, just for the entertainment value. http://t.co/50suODMT #
  • Prepped for time lapse photo tests. Mounting a heavy DSLR in the car may be a challenge. http://t.co/hbndEbvq #
  • I really need to convince the neighbors to let me turn the back yards into one pond. http://t.co/FkhxzE9m #
  • If anybody wants to donate their now outdated netbooks, we could use them for the kids program here. #
  • Subaru nerds…identify whether this part is off the car. Found under the car. http://t.co/J01EotR6 #
  • Top Gear Stunt School game is free in the iTunes store…Must have that for One Lap transit drives. http://t.co/ULt3c7Ml #
  • Watching the "other" Magnus live stream from Daytona dancing with Brumos. http://t.co/ME9tcYNv #
  • All the pros use light boxes made of cardboard. http://t.co/kFaUMQfY #

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