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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-16

January 15th, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments
  • If anybody needs an emergency reporter dispatched to Vegas to cover CES, I will find the time. #
  • I would know the ass of that Ultima GTR anywhere. Wonder if DSport knows they are using a One Lap car in their pic. http://t.co/NSM7oCkc #
  • Damn Facebook timeline making me look lame until I actually "like" things. I am far to picky to like anything. #
  • Really wish I hadn't paid that snow plow contract so far. #
  • If you weren't using Google Plus before for your SEO, you might want to pay attention. http://t.co/nr0H6mVR #
  • Bad news, Hostess files for bankruptcy. Good news, the Twinkie has a shelf life that will out live us all. http://t.co/HVNJIfkP #
  • The question of 2012. If I start a business to help people with IT strategy and planning would people stop asking me to do them "favors". #
  • My family thinks they went to Apple because "they" like them. That is my brainwashing so I could escape from fixing computers at home. #
  • A few beers later and I fully understand our tax system.
    http://t.co/KJXr3qP2 #
  • Finally a commute worth driving in. http://t.co/pAqVWvVy #
  • Starting a company where you have to enjoy driving in the snow and bitching about it may be grounds for dismissal. #
  • I need more friends who are videographers. By more I mean even one. #
  • Good day for a road trip. Headed north to meet a man about an engine. http://t.co/t1vqmiks #
  • Never realized just how tough these guys at Magnus really were. http://t.co/apOHCaON #

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