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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-01-08

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  • The FedEx office in Webster needs an after hours drop box. I had to be THAT guy to get them to open the door early for me. #
  • We need a Snow Survival driving school. Sort of like the @tire_rack @street_survival but not teen limited in our snow covered regions. #
  • Nikon press release in Japan on the 6th. If they announce that D800 I may be in trouble. #
  • I might have to permanently shift hours at work. My presence during the day is for the anti-productive Steve. #
  • Have to love Sweden, where file sharing can be a religion.
    http://t.co/K0tLE7np #
  • Nikon released the D4. Want one? Yes. Afford one without opening a photography business to justify it? No. http://t.co/6PnM4gUS #
  • Pretty sure nobody here would understand a word of this story regarding the data backups we do.
    http://t.co/tACD0EEo #
  • Glass nerds in the morning certainly do blow. http://t.co/fC6JS7dY #
  • Sunday project of putting some heated seats into the FJ Cruiser. http://t.co/HHrzjNw7 #
  • I measure my Sunday project times in movies. So far this is a Predator + I am Legend kind of project. Need movies in the barn to continue. #

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