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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-05

December 4th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments
  • I need to invent a health drink that takes like turkey gravy. #
  • So many people forget about the printers in their security plans. Setting them on fire should help awareness. http://t.co/d3iX0Dpk #
  • Gathering parts to sell. Found some subframe bushings from Mofugas circa a long time ago. Vintage even. http://t.co/1DhsWtiM #
  • Warm weather is giving me a head start on spring projects. Adirondack chair cleanup underway. http://t.co/o9VzKgRV #
  • Am I the only one not heading down to PRI? Thinking I should get into the industry at this point. #
  • I didn't shave out of laziness. Take a minute to support an old friend who did it for the cause. http://t.co/p2gEpmYm http://t.co/ixYf4cb9 #
  • I knew waterskiing would lead to sex, just not quite what I expected.
    http://t.co/I9nqXf0c #

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