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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-11-14

November 13th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments
  • I didn't know it was "No Shave November" until everybody asked. I was just lazy. #
  • Video game themes performed by the London Orchestra. I would sit through that show.
    http://t.co/145i0TcB #
  • Making lists of Google+ pages I need to setup for businesses under my guided protection, just to save the namespace. http://t.co/6lrfQ7Tf #
  • new Apple Store app enables in store purchases without an employee. Would be cooler of I could summon the employee of my choice. #
  • Prepared to shoot profanity slinging 8 year olds around the world with a growing clan of online friends. http://t.co/NbxpLmY3 #
  • One of those mornings where I am becoming dumber by the minute. #
  • Reason #2 of why I order games from amazon and don't wait in a goofy line any more. http://t.co/f7pozhnR #
  • Opening a Flash to HTML5 conversion business tomorrow. Almost like a VHS to DVD service, but cooler. #
  • Good luck to those running in the 2904 across the country. Started today in NYC. http://t.co/3EFhSkoo #
  • Finally got some flakes. Needs to stick and accumulate, but it is about time. http://t.co/nmRI5eGL #
  • Chevy volt battery fire and tow-mater sent in to investigate? Keep confusing the news with Pixar's Cars 2 plot line. http://t.co/D4IJckNa #

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