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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-24

October 23rd, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments
  • They need an app "called find my UPS guy" so you can hunt down the truck after you get the cruddy post-it note of failure. #
  • I really need you to wake up Nikon. The pull to the dark side is strong. http://t.co/TBhN7MUc #
  • They really should issue badges and guns to HIPAA security officers. You know, for compliance and such. #
  • Sirius won't cancel by email for security reasons, yet they did nothing to identify me over the phone. Security must mean sales pitch. #
  • Somebody with cable record tonights travel channel. 9:00pm is supposed to be Man v. Food Nation in #ROC Sticky Lips, Tahou's and Dinosaur. #
  • I only need to convince 5-6 neighbors that they really want a ski pond. The water knows. http://t.co/kR96b8D3 #
  • How to keep SIRI from bypassing your passcode on your iPhone 4Gs. http://t.co/q7Ayccem #
  • Group text messages should be BCC by nature. Spammed all sorts of people I don't know, replying to somebody today. #
  • Flashback moment with the new Honda commercial with Ozzy. Replace that with nerds in college who couldn't sing. http://t.co/bfJfYilM #

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