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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-09

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  • Mitsubishi really needs to have a fix it yourself parts only recall system. Not excited about bringing the car into a dealer. #
  • It is really hard not to do everything when I have to come in at 6am to watch a contractor take 2 hours on a 15 minute fiber optic job. #
  • One of those days where the predictions come true and yet "I told you so", just isn't appropriate. #
  • Lame that SIRI is tied to the hardware and not the IOS. #
  • As predicted the only thing Cortese did successfully was waste my time. No alignment and no recall parts. http://t.co/i2p36nTv #
  • Why not round off the day with a flat tire on the WRX? Driving a sticker race car to work tomorrow. http://t.co/P09EybBl #
  • …and Steve Jobs died? Wholey crap day from crapville. #
  • Took my screenshot of Apple.com as it will be a day to remember with the Steve Jobs memorial in place. http://t.co/PDdvTUgf #
  • I'm watching Twit's live broadcast on Steve Jobs. Well done. http://t.co/VJU5J30M ! #
  • Afraid so. First signs of frost. http://t.co/q68I0asH #
  • Being married 4 years reminds me of how lucky I am. It also reminds me that the last time I got lucky was probably 4 years ago. #
  • Need to find shops that can do alignments sorted by the age of their machines and the competency of the staff. Where is that search? #
  • I still wear my wedding ring because it shows devotion to my wife and it opens beer bottles. Really happy when my wife brings me beer. #
  • It is some sort of blasphemy if you order the Steve Jobs biography on a kindle and not an iPad? http://t.co/jJDmvJoI #
  • When selecting your romantic anniversary dinner, choose your ingredients wisely. http://t.co/EZoak1a7 #
  • Afternoon pitstop by @advistorinc to watch them let out some aggression with the airsoft guns. http://t.co/vSLTlNPj #
  • Early AM at Craigs Autometrics. Way too fancy and clean for a shop. It's like a spa treatment for cars. http://t.co/uDsI3BJ9 #
  • Car is on the live cam in the shop. Somebody grab a screen shot for me. http://t.co/By0DL389 #

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