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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-25

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  • Painting the Evo X with a flashlight to experiment with some night shots. http://t.co/JCKqWhiB #
  • Netflix separating DVDs and renaming to Quickster might be enough to destroy their invincible name. http://t.co/wI4xp9R5 #
  • Commute halted after a mile. Waiting for the cleanup of somebody's much worse off Monday. http://t.co/Mvknd3nO #
  • What isn't news, is that SSL has always been insecure. Need a larger financial fallout before innovation can happen. http://t.co/rlCUVqco #
  • Really annoying that people take the time to send me a word document with 3 sentences in it, with an email that says "see attached". #
  • Sitting at the VMware users group conference, all I can think is, I do not belong in the Rochester tech community. #
  • Make a change in Facebook, the world gripes and adopts because they want to. Change a program at work, it's broken and they stop working. #
  • Dusting off the car audio gear to sell, now that I found the old Phoenix Gold stuff is still sought after. http://t.co/sa7TBm7a #

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