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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-24

  • How many backpacks I would have saved without all of those books. Amazon kindle rentals for school books, brilliant. http://cnet.co/p7hj1q #
  • Missing ski nite to fix for an Avaya phone system which should have been updated years ago fucking sucks. Odds it will happen again? Zero #
  • I am not excited that I have to use the app store to obtain Lion. #
  • In the age of increasing bandwidth caps it seems irresponsible or even naive for Apple to only distribute their 3.74Gb OS update online. #
  • Made the mistake of looking how much my macbook pro still sells for. #
  • Tomorrow we deploy to pickup the car from Magnus. Time to prep the truck and trailer for extraction. http://t.co/nlxFLq4 #
  • Can I petition to keep Google Labs open? Should be the place to roll out anything new before launching it on everybody. http://t.co/N2MIFzi #
  • Evening extraction from Canada was exhausting but successful. The car is home. http://t.co/oCXOTgp #
  • I wish more things were open at 5am. Especially when I get put into a rain delay for skiing. #

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