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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-09

  • Can't quite describe the unique people and places we see along this journey. http://t.co/Y6JGYBl #
  • I made a 2011 VIDEO page where I will keep dumping all of our videos. http://onelap.rochesterdsm.org/media/2011-videos/ #
  • Somebody has replaced the breakfast packets of oatmeal with grits. Must be morning in South Carolina. http://t.co/GUSCwNH #
  • Car is down in flames. http://t.co/4YOUoM4 #
  • Engine bay toast. Need a haul to NY. http://t.co/L1Uf1pa #
  • Video of our final run and the fire suppression efforts. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DvWAa0-YB-4 #
  • The number 96 car also claimed by CMP. http://t.co/jMDgLxM #
  • Settling in for a night of wrenching to get another team back in the game. http://t.co/hB8hj6L #
  • Summary of the fire we had at CMP.
    http://t.co/9cYfH7x #
  • A quick post on the Team Igloo car recovery efforts. http://t.co/ynl6mEI #
  • Just got word that the Igloo car just got to Daytona to run at the tail end of the first session, not missing the event. #
  • Time to go wake up Tim. Our chariot is inbound with a very generous uncle coming down to haul is back north. #
  • Somebody should steal the VR4 out of Tim's garage and get it tuned and prepped. You have until about 4am to make it ready when we roll in. #
  • Truck, trailer and car arrived about 4am to the house. My brain just arrived 7 hours later. #
  • With the rest of the media coverage failing, I am grateful for those who are streaming what they can from One Lap. http://t.co/sphI4pQ #
  • Horrible packing error during the Igloo car repair has resulted in their lug wrench key in Rochester. http://t.co/6MXQmzc #
  • Would like to trade the Subaru WRX for a nice diesel tow vehicle right about now. http://t.co/bCYgNWV #
  • My team of CSI investigators are pointing to a fuel fire. A good theory since we didn't lose oil. Still digging. http://t.co/JAv8fck #
  • Overnighting tools to Barber. http://t.co/Sphfeiw #
  • To continue my tormenting, the microwave just stopped microwaving. #
  • The current state of the Evo X and how we got home. http://wp.me/priSZ-YX #
  • Brainy smurf says "you can't recline your seat when you put the harness bar in". http://twitpic.com/4uqbna #

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