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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-05-02

  • A nice little article on Magnus Motorsports from Gearbox Magazine. http://bit.ly/dRjEY2 #
  • I have had to source most of my stickers from everywhere but Rochester. http://wp.me/priSZ-Qq #
  • The longest hour ever is that last hour at work when you have to go home to prep and pack for One Lap. #
  • In place of oil we have crushed up smurfs to run in the car. http://t.co/zhYSj8l #
  • We are almost ready to being almost ready to depart, which means we have a few hours of work. http://t.co/GyN5WQw #
  • Time to pack. Car is ready. http://t.co/u3CaQwu #
  • I don't think I have ever passed down route 90 in Pennsylvania without it being under construction. #
  • Yup, we were just challenged by a caprice with with dubs on. Must be in Cleveland. http://t.co/FRuTvFl #
  • Car is through tech. Watching the other teams scramble to get ready with 10 minutes to go. http://t.co/3rm0rh9 #
  • Drivers meeting underway. Amazing how the rest of the audience has figured out the importance of social media. http://t.co/unEgz6y #
  • New favorite friends are the ones who gave us a bin of cookies for the trip. http://t.co/ZAJ1Q0w #
  • A special appearance by the smurf ambassador to team igloo at the drivers meeting. http://t.co/rDyt8Nq #
  • Unfortunately I can only last at Gippers for one beer. I will need a new non-smoke gathering place started. #
  • Lined up for the skid pad. Reports are that it is oily from the new surface. http://t.co/dqas0Ej #
  • Tim is getting in his autocross zen while waking the course. Filling tire pressures. http://t.co/0IGHkck #
  • Results out for wet skid pad. We were bumped out of 1st in class by .002 G's by the Igloo white car. #
  • GoPro has proven to be a really good mount to secure a really shitty camera. Your electronics fail one lap tests, again. http://t.co/Sb8srKB #
  • In route to Virginia which seems a million miles away from the backroads. http://t.co/439gm29 #
  • We are in the hotel. 4 hours until the wakeup call then some laps at Summit Point. #
  • Luckily the photos uploads went up while I was sleeping. More shots from yesterday. http://wp.me/priSZ-Vu #
  • It didn't take long for Tim to find something to work on. http://t.co/9YJnk41 #
  • Glad to have the early run group position. 2nd run was in the dry and rain wasn't far down the road. http://t.co/mcK2Yka #
  • Making good time to South Carolina. Hoping for more than 3 hours of sleep.
    http://t.co/lXVoPH2 #

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