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Facebook Survival for the Conflicted Organization

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I have written posts in the past about Facebook, giving advice on how to manage and secure your profile. For the most part it was mean to cover your everyday stalker or control the face time you have with somebody you barely remember from high school 20 years ago.
Today I had the same Facebook presentation with a much more serious context.  Instead of protecting your Facebook profile against weird acquaintances from high school, imagine throwing a layer of HIPAA on top of that concern.  Not to be taken lightly are the legal ramifications it has if your friend request is from a patient or consumer. Protecting the confidentiality that you can even acknowledge you know this person will get you into hot water with the strickest compliancy officer.

Unfortunately my presentation and speech were as un-0fficial as I could make them placing me once again in the secret change agent role.  So why the secret identity or even the un-official nature of a corporate discussion on Facebook?

The Love Hate Turmoil over Facebook

Every organization, corporation, medical facility around the country is undergoing a state of mental turmoil over social networking and Facebook.  The problems are easy to identify from the shoes of the HR department.  They struggle against the losses in productivity, legal risk of what employees might say online, and the negative impact it has on the company name.  Pitted up against this struggle is the risk of loosing employee moral, the legal ramifications of policing an employees personal opinion, and really the inability to try and control something, which, can not be controlled.

Protect Thyself

While the HR department fights to come up with policies on social networking, there is still an important need within the walls of organizations around the country.  Teach the people who use Facebook how to protect themselves, and you will protect the organization.

Today’s presentation was a play on the basic premise that seems to be working.

Create Lists > Add People to Lists > Restrict Content to the list

Start with Greg’s Facebook Survival Guide which links to the two other posts on Facebook Protection. While Facebook continues to update their interface, the process is the same.

Here is the presentation itself from today, as a PDF file. Facebook_Survival_Guide-10March2010

Questions and Answers

Block it ALL? – While I have a lot of people and am rather protective of the content I put online, an excellent perspective came out of today’s discussion.  Block everything, and add people to groups to gain privileges.  By nature, this plays into how the lists work, and IS a natural setup and progression. As of right now, if you add somebody to TWO lists, the applied permissions take the least restrictive perspective of the two.

Check my Public Profile? – By nature when you click on the View my Profile button available in the

Privacy Settings, you are looking at your public profile.  If in doubt, you can logout and navigate back to your own page.

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