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iPad Micro SIM Lockdown

February 1st, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

In case you missed the technical specs of the new Apple iPad, you may have overlooked the word “micro” in front of the SIM card slot on the iPad.  That can be read a couple of ways, and certainly will be touted as a move to the new standard by Apple and AT&T.

It really can’t be a standard, when the rest of the planet still conforms to a standard SIM card size for every device. The Micro SIM has been slow to adopt, because it is frankly not needed.   Apple’s move to put the Micro SIM card into the iPad can be seen as nothing more than a blocking attempt to keep current data users from putting taking their SIM card out of their iPhone and putting it into the iPad.

That doesn’t mean people won’t try and make it work. The micro SIM card is smaller, yet retains the same contact patch for connectivity. I would certainly trim down a SIM card to see if it works.  You would need to create an adapter ring to put it back in the iPhone.  Seems a little more reasonable than paying for another unlimited data plan.  The industry really needs to stop using the word unlimited in describing anything.

In the mean time, good luck finding a carrier who knows what a Micro SIM card is.  While T-Mobile announced some platform movements in that direction at CES this year, the low availability of the cards themselves, will cause some hiccups on rolling out the iPad.  While the rest of the devices on the AT&T network use a normal SIM card, having one device that does not, will certainly cause complications.

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