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Leveraging Facebook Pages

February 4th, 2010 Leave a comment Go to comments

Facebook allows anybody to start a Group or a Page, but is not until you have actually created one do you understand which direction to pick.

Adding a Facebook Page should be part of every business owners “list of free tools I should take advantage of on the Internet to enhance viral marketing”.  As of this post, you can not magically transform a group into a page without having some sort of VIP card into the support team of Facebook, so I wanted to offer some insight as to why your business should have a page setup.

Search Engine Journal has a nice comparison chart between a group and a page if you are still the fence about which one to choose.

From a marketing perspective, the Page offers a few distinct advantages.

  1. A page can be viewed by non Facebook members.  Among a list of reasons why that is powerful is the fact that it opens up the page to be indexed by the search engines.
  2. A page will provide statistical analysis in terms of users, time online, demographics, all in the form of what they call “Insights”.

Don’t laugh too hard that I have two empty graphs here.  I created this particular Facebook Page while I wrote this post. The idea is that I can return to you in 6 months and show you how to interpret the trends and turning them into useful information.  That is of course if I get anybody to add the page.

Last year we took an epic journey into the racing world by establishing a team to run in the One Lap of America.  We started a Facebook group, allowing us to coordinate members of that group, schedule meeting events, and create some communication paths for people to follow us.  We didn’t know it then, but what we needed was a page.

Facebook Page of RochesterDSM One Lap Team

While we were not a business, we wanted to use the page for the same reasons, which was to promote our escapades across the country.

The Facebook Page becomes a free extension of your own website, allowing you to have instant access to a photo gallery, discussion boards and resources that allow fans of your product to keep up to date and help spread the word.

Updating the page is amazingly easy for a team traveling across the country with limited internet access, as they allow you to even post updates by providing you with an email address.  Setting up the page to tie back into Twitter and becomes quite a useful resource for getting information updates published.

If you own a business, setup a Facebook Page. If you want to promote a brand, setup a Facebook Page.  If you want to have closed door meeting, allowing select members into those meetings without the prying eyes of the Internet, setup a Facebook Group.

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