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My Employment 2.0

October 5th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have accepted a new position as the IT Coordinator for Wayne ARC.  While I do not take the helm until October 19th, I wanted to let people know I was going back to work.  After 12 years of growing with Rotork, I wanted to make sure I found a place that I not only wanted to work but needed my help.   The number of people who have been helping me to find a job has been overwhelming, even though I have ensured everybody that I don’t mind staying at home.

Wayne ARC is one of  57 NYSARC chapters in NY state, assisting people with developmental disabilities get help with job training, medical support, education, and a list of services related to community support.  From a technical scope viewpoint, Wayne ARC employes over 500 employees spread over multiple locations around Wayne County to bring their services to businesses and individuals. While they have been operating and supporting the community for many years, they have grown significantly in recent years.

I am excited about this position for many reasons.  For one, the thought of working for an organization whose premise helping people is such a positive feeling walking into the door.  I have always stated that I only want to help people understand how they can use technology to improve their lives. Having an organization that is open and focused on helping peoples lives already, makes my job easier.

There is a strong sense of community about Wayne ARC, making this strange welcoming feeling within the halls.  People are smiling and actually like being there, making it a little different than mainstream corporate America.

In a much lighter reason, the commute is awesome.  For those of you who know my automotive life, a good drive is pretty important for me. Having a good commute sets the pace for the entire day and being able to unwind in a nice drive home makes for a perfect drive.  I get to drive 30 minutes headed east through back roads and along the erie canal where there is no traffic.

I definitely did not mind the summer off, still have more projects at home than I can consider feasible, but proud to be back to work for a place that needs my help.

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