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Previous Life with CAD

September 14th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Drawing History - Goulds Pumps AssemblyI didn’t start at Rotork as the “computer guy”.  I didn’t last an entire year before I assumed that role, yet some people find it hard to believe I have been anything but an IT centric person.

I found my old portfolio this week, documenting my path through, what used to be, the cutting edge of computer aided design.  It feels like some distant far off planet, where remnants of memories come back from.  While the portfolio may never open again, I figured I would share a glimpse into this parallel universe I used to live in.

It is amazing how much learned and applied knowledge we use over the course of the years.  For me, I went to school at Alfred, because the CAD program was the only relation I had with computers at the time.  It probably explains why I was good at it, and not that I had an engineering mentality.Drawing History - General Electric Fridge Door

After working at Goulds Pumps for a year, I got scare of settling and ran like the wind to Kentucky and worked for General Electric in Kentucky.  It wasn’t until I had a few exposures to sitting in front of a CAD terminal all day that I finally realized, I don’t like doing CAD all day every day.

My path through the beginnings of CAD were not in vein.  It did bring to surface my desire to learn more about the computers.  Back then, all of the CAD systems were based off of UNIX platform, which few people knew about in the actual workplace.  Being able to manipulate remote shells and take over X-windows processes on other machines became the entertainment value for the day, while rifling off a set of drawings only took a few minutes.

Certificate Tube FittingsHaving a mechanical background in CAD, I was lucky to be involved in the pneumatic and hydraulic side of things, giving me a strong foundation into engineering areas which were all around cool.  Of course I wanted to learn about pressure drops in different lines, to apply it to understanding why different brake lines are better on the race car, but I appreciate the education none the less.Certificate - Fluid Power

I had to go through the resume this summer, giving it modernized version and style to compete with the rest of the planet.  Sadly, the resume no longer reports this previous life I had, as it is no longer relevant to the world of Information Technology networking and system administration.

It does make me wonder where I would be if I had listened to my good friend Craig when he suggested going to RIT back in 1996 to enter this new curriculum called Information Technologies.  Sounds like a fad that would never last.

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