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The Snow Leopard Bandwagon

August 28th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

If Apple knows how to do anything right, it is to build up hype about their own product. The world seems to know that their latest release of operating system is called Snow Leopard and it comes out today. First of all, this is an upgrade to the already existing operating system, Leopard. (hence the clever name) For the average consumer, the feature list on this upgrade is rather small, so who is running out to buy this thing?

The first people to get this thing installed are the bloggers. While Mac enthusiasts used to make up the majority of the people who keep the retail shelves alive, this one is nothing short of a media frenzy. Every person out there who affiliations with technology running a blog, video stream, podcast or general news update is trying to get this installed first. Some of them just want to post up that they have it first with a few first impressions. Many of them scramble to try and break it. After all the person who finds it NOT successful gets the news.

The second in line are the educated community who understand how powerful these updates really are. Having 64-bit support is huge, whether you know what it means or not. It is such a huge change in how the operating system operates and interacts with the applications that Apple doesn’t even set this as the default for most installations.  The performance enhancements and the capabilities this opens up are worth the effort.

The last people who bought Snow Leopard were the ones caught in the Apple net of advertising.  They really don’t know whey they wanted it, but knew it was the cool thing to have.  The low price point made it attractive, regardless of what it actually did.  Finally they were afraid of not updating and keeping current.

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