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Snow Leopard strains Fedex

August 28th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

We probably won’t know how many copies of Snow Leopard, the latest Mac operating system, sold until after the weekend. I do know the shipping industry took a hit today trying to get them all delivered.

I was working outside when the FedEx truck rolled up to deliver my copy of Snow Leopard. The driver politely asked if I wouldn’t mind telling him what was ordered. Apparently the Rochester office of Fedex alone received over 4500 of these identical boxes to distribute around the region, putting quite the overload on the personnel this morning, working to get the distribution out and onto the trucks for delivery.

He wasn’t overly impressed when I told him it was the latest Apple operating system that was released today. Regardless, it did make me wonder why Apple didn’t do a downloaded distribution. I certainly would have downloaded an ISO image instead of watching for the FedEx truck to arrive.

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