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Office for Mac 2010

August 14th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

Microsoft announced yesterday that it intended to release of a new version of Microsoft Office in 2010 for Mac.  This new version will offer a Microsoft Outlook client, which has never been in the Mac suite of programs.Office for Mac 2 flavors

Dan Miller at PC World wrote an article, not understanding why this mattered at all.  At a time when the world is migrating away from client based software, Microsoft Office is the most expensive and aging platform to go with.  I think you live in a different world than market segment this will affect Dan.

There is a large percentage of companies out there have no concept they can move away from Microsoft Office, nor would they want to.  I walked into my accountant last week and they were still all on Office 2000.  This year, I just left the bottom of the barrel in the world of technology adoption rates, the manufacturing industry.  They are still conceptualizing that all of these clients talk together in this strange new world called “collaboration”.

Microsoft Office is more than a suite of applications.  For the corporate user, it is also a client to the business applications that have been adopted around the Microsoft centric platform.  Microsoft Office is the client for Microsoft Sharepoint and while there are many other flavors of collaboration suites, Microsoft still has the corporate attention.

Let us not forget the security and control aspect.  Having an office suite, capable of taking orders from the mother ship of either active directory or exchange server, allows corporations to maintain control of their systems.  That is a huge advantage for companies with small or outsourced IT departments.

While Microsoft is getting ready to finally launch a new version of Windows, the Mac has silently infiltrated the corporate marketplace.  In a race to keep up with the cool toys, the outside salesmen and the guys trying to maintain the latest gadgets are buying Macs.

I actually observe it as a surge from the college kids who have jumped over to Macs.  Dad lost track with what was cool a long time ago in technology, but his son or daughter tells him all the cool kids are on Macs.

Microsoft may be shooting themselves in the foot for putting Outlook on a Mac version.  After all one of the lagging pieces to allow the corporate adoption rate is the dis-similar clients in email.  Integrating with Exchange may create a surge of corporate adopters buying Office 2010, while they are in the Apple store buying a new Mac. Be careful on your pricing Microsoft.

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