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Google Yanked Public Calendar searching?

August 3rd, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I just spent 20 minutes trying to find a calendar in Google, thinking somebody was playing some form of “hide the button on Steve” joke.  One of the most powerful features in Google Calendar was the ability to search public calendars.   Well apparently sometime around February of this year, the entire feature was scrubbed, leaving the entire premise of publishing events somewhat useless.

I am grateful I had already added a few key calendars to my google setup already.  For instance 3 event pro skier Jaret Llewellyn entered all of the Pro Water Ski Tournaments into google calendar, which I love to know about. Thank you for doing that Jaret. Hopefully you will keep updating it, regardless.

So I missed that it was gone for almost 6 months, which might be an argument that it is not used a lot.  Well, I used it more when I traveled.  If I know I was going to be in a certain area or region, I could search posted calendars, in that area, for events I was interested in.

I also wanted to use Google calendar to publish public events that might not be covered yet. While I can use this for my personal preferences, knowing nobody will see them without some direct involvement is a discouragement to using them at all.

Without having a link to the ICS file for any calendar, you will be hard pressed to find the calendar you are looking for now.  Hopefully Google is working on something to update this mechanism, but after seeing that it has been dormant for 6 months, I do not have a lot of hope.

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