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31 Flavors of Microsoft

August 7th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

So far, the news on Windows 7 has been nothing but resoundingly positive.  After fumbling the transitions to Vista, Microsoft really needs Windows 7 to be adopted by the public as Apple continues to gain momentum in the home user market.

One things that Microsoft continues to blunder is the release options for what should be a single operating system.  From a consumer perspective, I want Microsoft to make one operating system and either enable or disable the features at installation.  I realizing having three or four sounds pretty clear, but it is numbing to think about and make those choices for most people.  Frankly they shouldn’t have to.

windows-upgrade-chartThis week Microsoft released a chart to Walt Mossberg, a Wall Street Journalist, detailing the choices of upgrading to Windows 7 from Windows XP or Vista.  The worst part is, that in somebody’s head at Microsoft, this chart is a positive thing.  For the rest of the planet, it spells confusion, requiring consumers to think too long about what version they want or need.

Another confusing chart Microsoft, and you might as well hold the door open for the people entering the Apple Store.  Most people at home, don’t know what they have, and don’t know what they need.  As a home user, I would obviously only need Home, but then there has to be something I am missing out on in the professional versions.  Ask any home user whether they have 32 bit or 64 bit and the response back will nothing short of a blank stare.

The flip side is that people have been waiting so long for a new operating system from Microsoft, the majority of users will be buying new licenses.  With outdated hardware and larger incentives to buy OEM licensing, I doubt  you will find people that will be upgrading at all.  By making this chart, you have just certified that people should buy a new computer when getting this operating system anyway.  Now they just need to choose which one offers the better experience.

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