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iPhone Calendar needs Attention

NotifcationCalEverybody seems to come up with a wish list for Apple after a new release of iPhone software comes out. Like writing the letter to Santa, I am not sure it matters in the end, but it gives a good insight as to where Apple may have missed the mark on peoples expectations.  To keep Santa (Apple) focused, I will keep my list short.  In fact the only real area I want the elves to work on is the calendar.

Admittedly, I never used the calendar app until it was able to sync with my Gmail calendar.  I use Gmail to send out text messages and email notifications, which has always kept me in schedule.  After the sync was setup, I found it much more useful to add the meeting in the application itself, because of the speed.

Now there are only a few more pieces to make it really useful, so here is my wish list for the next update of the calendar app on the iPhone.

  • Make a persistent notification. Don’t pop up something on the screen, never to be seen again once I click on it. Even something as simple as a number next to the calendar icon, as you do with every other notification system. Force me to dismiss the notification before allowing it to stop bugging me.
  • Send the location to link to the maps application.  Of all of the slow pitched softballs coming your way, this was the largest no brainier.  When I currently click on the details of the event, there is nothing I can do to click on the location address, to link it to the maps application. I don’t need complete integration with the maps, just tell that field to dump the text into the maps application.
  • If you can’t get the map app integration fixed, think about updating the notification fields, so that my Email notification will tip off in Gmail.  Currently I have to have it send me the email notification, so that I will get a link back to the map.  Of course I can’t add that notification from the phone, and I need to do it from the Gmail website.

I realize my wish list quickly turned into a rant about how I would have already expected the Cal application to function.  Certainly when it does come to fruition, it will be touted as some new improved feature and not something that should have been there all along.  Luckily Google took care of putting the pieces in place that I really need to keep organized while I wait for Apple to catch up.

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