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iPhone 3GS decisions

My decision to buy the iPhone 3GS was weighed out heavily over the last week. It wasn’t until this morning, that my mind made the commitment to make it happen. Typically I am a late adopter of new technology, but this is not really new. After all I knew it would do everything the iPhone 3G did, with an expectation that it would only improve that experience.

Buying the new phone was easy. Not getting any help from AT&T on the price was another stab in the back. I convert as many people as I can into iPhone users. I have a corporate contract with AT&T at work, putting 30k a month into their pockets and I can’t get an ounce of thanks from AT&T for the effort. Yes, I will jump to any other carrier when the time comes. However despite how terrible the customer experience is with AT&T, the iPhone trumps the desire need to have this setup.
I still contend that having an iPhone is no comparison to the Blackberry market, the windows mobile market, or any other mobile platform…yet. I find it difficult to hear people happy that they have their new BlackBerry because they wanted to stay on Verizon. This is so much more than your email and web browser, that I can no longer sit through the conversation. Your arguments on monthly costs and calling in the same network are dissolved within seconds and the only bastian of validity in your argument will still hold is that AT&T customer service sucks.

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