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Living in a One Lap cloud

I read about it all the time when somebody starts up a blog, only to find a few months later they abandon it.  They know it is the cool thing to have, perhaps even have something to say, but then something pulls them away from it, never to be heard from again.  That is not at all what happened to me. For myself the past month has been a blur, because I have been writing updates on my daily activities to most of the automotive planet.

img_6965This year I participated in the One Lap of America, which is the modern day legalized version of the Cannonball, started by Brock Yates over 26 years ago.  To be apart of this years event was amazing. The fashion in which we made it happen turned out to be awe inspiring.

Within 4 months, we transformed my 1992 Galant VR4 into a track car, complete with the same paint scheme that Mitsubishi used in their Mines rally car from the period. For myself, it was a perfect send off for a car that I have enjoyed for so many years.  I will admit, I was not looking forward to taking a 3000+ mile trip around the country in a 17 year old car, until we gathered the backing of the online community behind us.  The outpouring of support and enthusiasm from the people around the country changed the event for us forever.  It turned it into an event which began as 4 friends coming together to make it all happen, to a community of supporters helping us along every step of the way.

We gained so much publicity, and had so many supporters online, that my efforts went into keeping everybody updated online. It was time consuming, but I loved every minute of it.  Regardless, it why my own personal website has taken a back seat to the updates.   I am back now, and encourage you to catch up with my adventures on One Lap by reading, seeing and watching all about it from our One Lap blog.


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