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Everybody needs an iPhone

I remember when the iPhone 3G first came out, and I told my wife that she needed one.  There are typically no negotiations when talking about technology purchases in the household, but there is always a little resistance.  It is that resistance to change that we all don’t want to address, until it reaches a comfort level with us all.  At the time, I had my iPhone for about 6 months and I knew that my wife needed to have this. Away from a computer all day, I could see her frustrated with emails and communications as the world moved past while she entered her cave of communication solitude for 8 hours a day.

Today, she takes the phone out of the cradle first thing in the morning to check her schedule.  She listens to her podcasts on the way to work, and I can find her cuddled around the glowing screen at night now that the Kindle App has her addicted to reading on the device.

Trying to tell everybody that they just need an iPhone is the most painful part of the process.  You approach all of the change resistance scenarios while people approach the conversation with fear and sometime anger that you would suggest such a thing.

Will the Android phone, or even the Palm Pre upset the iPhone?  Probably not, now that all of the application development has gone into the iphone.  We will hope for the increased vigor in the industry to push the standards a little higher for all of the phone platforms, as before this phone they were getting off easy and producing cheap alternatives.  It won’t be until somebody creates a phone that will emulate or even virtualize  all of the applications from the iPhone will we see a real competitor.

That being said, the story is completely different outside of the United States.  While we have been sitting here with substandard phones, throughout Europe they have already evolved past this stage.  A few years ahead of us in mobile and cellular technology, they shake their heads at the thought of owning an iPhone. While the application development continues to grow, so will the worldwide adoption rates. Another release or two of the phone, increasing capacity and functionality and the world will begin to adopt the iPhone as well.

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