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Mitsubishi History of Stephen (round 1)

The first Mitsubishi I owned was a 1996 GS-T.  I bought it new, and it was my first new car that I had ever purchased.  It was of course before I found out that there was a certain addition that came with AWD, but I certainly showed the car a lot of love.  Being the first year out of college with a solid job, the car quickly became my life.  It would get a daily hand wash after work and a fresh wax every weekend.  I spent a lot of time reading and understanding the car DSM line of cars, while enjoyed adding a certain level of uniqueness to the car itself. 

I remember tearing apart the entire dash, just to trim out and install a digital gauge to display boost, embedded in the dash.  I had never seen it before, but I knew that’s how I would do it.  I added many more custom items onto the car over time.  I created my own stainless expanded metal grill, because the generic ones looked cheap.  I hand molded the center vents in the car to hold the car’s air fuel computer, only to find two years later that somebody created a kit for that. I did a lot of things that made me happy and made other people wonder how I did it.White Face Gauges and Digital Boost

I adopted the name of NRVOUS for my online presence, because of the way I treated this car.  It was actually my sister who pointed it out first as she said that I was more anal than the guy who owned the Ferrari in Ferris Buehler’s day off.  You may have not recognized the reference, but NRVOUS was on the license plate of the Ferrari.  The plates were already taken, so I purchased NY plates with 2NRVOUS on them for the car.

Performance wise, the car was naturally fast for the street.  It evolved into upgrades that now seem tame.  With basic modifications of a 16G turbo and a front mount intercooler, the car was nothing short of legendary around town, in the late 90s.  I even took second place in the DSM shootout for the FWD class the first year I went.  It would be the last year the car would be competitive, because shortly after larger turbos became cheap, and tuning them became even easier.

I never pursued putting more power to the car, because it didn’t have any place to apply the power.  Being FWD, it would just spin tires whenever possible, so it really wasn’t worth it to me to make anything more out of it than what it had become.

I never stopped liking the look of the 2G Eclipse, but I definitely fell in love with something else.  The first thing I fell in love with was traction.  While I had always know that AWD was a large advantage of getting power to the ground, I wouldn’t appreciate it until I drove one for myself daily.   It would ultimately be my love for AWD that would extinguish my desire to choose the pristine Eclipse over a 


grocery getter 4 door.  I also matured a lot.  The quaint blue highlights I added to the interior, along with the bright racing harnesses no longer appeared cool.  Although they were done with taste, they were for show, and not for actual performance.  Pulling along side of a car that you knew was fast is one thing, but driving in a car that was faster than them all without being seen was god like.   


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