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Google Powermeter and Zigbee Automation

February 11th, 2009 Leave a comment Go to comments

I have been looking for a solid advancement in Home Automation for a while. Being a network snob, I really can’t get myself to buy into the X10 line of products, which hasn’t seen advancement in years, doesn’t integrate into the rest of my network and just feels like it is old architecture.

Google’s PowerMeter announcement not only brought large news into the home energy and green initiatives around the world, but it also brought life to the otherwise stagnant development into the home automation industry.

I have had one of the first developed Zigbee wireless thermostats in my house since 2006. I picked up the thermostat when a company called Control4 first brought it to market. Although I was never able to buy into the entire Control4 package because of cost, I appreciated the emergence of a company leaning into new technology in home automation.
Displayed proudly in Google’s FAQ section under “Who else is working on the issue of energy information?” is the Zigbee Alliance. I suspect over the next couple months you will start to hear more and more about Zigbee wireless and their involvement in this project.

Google’s announcement to help organize the world’s power consumption is positive leap in energy conservation efforts. It is my hope that the push drives the home automation industry forward into making better, more affordable, and scalable solutions to make my own life easier. Keep an eye on those automation companies that do have a zigbee solution already in place.

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